Calm Healer/Angry Technomage

Hi. My name is Zyra, Zephyr, or more commonly, just Z. I spend the vast majority of my time taking apart things that have no business being taken apart or building systems that have no business being as complex as they are. In my day to day life, I'm a sterile compounding technician, which means I make the drugs that get connected to your IV when you're in the hospital. In my down time, I focus on my hobbies which primarily consist of coding projects, roleplaying, or wasting away before the blue glow of various MMOs. I primarily like to keep to myself, which means if you want to learn more about me you'd have better luck joining my Discord, which is linked below. Alternatively, you can click the archive button to be taken to my old about page. To return to the main page, click home.